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Learn to share the gospel across cultures

Do other cultures fascinate you? The people, customs, and geography? With an undergraduate certificate in Intercultural Studies from Moody, you can master how to effectively interact with people no matter their background. You’ll also learn how to communicate the gospel and serve the global church across cultural barriers. Whether you study in-person on the Chicago campus or online wherever you are, you'll learn how world religions impact worldviews and gain a better understanding of the church around the world. Connect with people of other cultures while effectively sharing Christ’s message of salvation.

To download the current program plan, click here:

Program Plan - On Campus (PDF) Program Plan - Online (PDF)

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Meet Your Professors

Study with professors who care about you, challenge you, and invest in your growth. Graduate prepared to share the gospel anywhere God takes you.

Dr. Samuel Naaman

Dr. Samuel Naaman

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Mary Cloutier

Dr. Mary Cloutier

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Your Classes

Become an expert in ministering to people of other cultures with these informative courses:

  • Core Classes
    • Bible and Theology (12 credits)
    • Intercultural Ministry (12 credits)
  • Intercultural Engagement OR Intro to Cultural Studies (online only)
  • World Religions OR Serving in Contexts of Suffering and Sacrifice
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Theological Issues in Missiology
  • Anywhere in the world God calls you!

Financial Aid

A Moody education is easier than ever to afford at $399 per credit hour (price subject to change per academic year). Scholarships, payment plans, veterans benefits, and private loans help you even more by defraying the cost of tuition and spreading out your financial obligations over time.

Tuition & Fees

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