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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the First Year Online Program?

The First Year Online Program consists of four primary elements. You will participate in:

  • Online, accredited, collegiate level courses that apply toward Chicago undergraduate program requirements or transfer to other schools.*
  • An online mentoring program in which you will complete a series of exercises to help you articulate your call to ministry more effectively, to reflect on your ministry experience and to grow spiritually.
  • An internship that will give you the opportunity to gain practical ministry experience.
  • community of students going through the program together and in the same classes throughout the year.

*Note: the receiving school determines what credits are transferable.

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If I complete the FYOP, am I guaranteed admission to Chicago's undergraduate program the following year?

The one-plus-three FYOP program begins with one year of full-time study via Moody Online and then transitions to the Chicago campus for the remaining three years of your program.  To transition to the Chicago campus for year two, you will be required to successfully complete your first-year courses and maintain ministry intent.  Upon successful completion, students do not need to reapply to come to Chicago to complete the rest of their program, and are guaranteed admission to the main campus.

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What are the benefits of FYOP?

FYOP is designed to keep students on track to complete their degree on-campus in Chicago while strengthening their ministry intent and providing ministry experience that would not be feasible on-campus. Through various learning experiences including a ministry internship, regular meetings with a mentor and a full year of Moody courses, students are able to further enhance their sense of ministry calling and ministry experience. Previous FYOP students transition to campus and perform better academically than the rest of the student population. 

Former FYOP students have also said that they've benefited from the opportunity to engage in various ministry experiences in their local church and overseas because of the flexibility of the program versus a traditional on-campus experience. They've also said that our low tuition rates and financial aid options allowed the opportunity to save extra money for future semesters in college.

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How much does the FYOP cost?

You will be responsible for any and all tuition and fees associated with coursework. For most students, FYOP costs less than a year at the Chicago campus. The overall cost of the program is less than the yearly cost of attending the Chicago campus (which is approximately $12,500). 

Below is the breakdown of all costs: 

Tuition: $9,860 (29 credits at $340 per credit hour)
FYOP fee: $450 (covers cost of mentors and additional program costs)
Semester fees: $80 ($40 for fall and $40 for spring; covers course/program maintenance costs)
Orientation: Free (option to come on campus or complete online)
Spring break week (Optional):  Details to come.
TOTAL:  $10,390   

Note: Tuition is Pell grant eligible.
  • Students are highly encouraged to attend Orientation on campus over the summer. The fee covers all food, lodging, and activities (transportation to campus not included). 
  • In the past, students had the opportunity to stay on campus for a week again in the spring semester where they will complete their first week of the final term's courses, interview with Deal of Admissions and enjoy other activities on campus and in the city. Due to scheduling conflicts, students cannot stay on campus this year. We are working on an alternative and will update students during the fall semester. Students will be able to interview with the Dean of Admissions regardless.

* Subject to tuition changes

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Does Moody accept Financial Aid?

To help with the costs of attending Moody, students are encouraged to apply for the Federal Pell Grant by going to The Federal Pell grant does not require repayment, but could require completion of a process called verification, should your FAFSA be selected.  For the 2016–2017 award year the Pell grant can range from $0–$5,815 and is based on the Family's Expected Contribution calculated from the information you enter on the FAFSA.

If you have served in the Armed Forces and have educational benefits available you may be eligible to use those benefits. Another option to help with the cost of a Moody education is participating in Moody's payment plan.

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What are the program course requirements?

Biblical and Theological Studies


BI 1111  Old Testament Survey
BI 1112  New Testament Survey
TH 1110 The Church and Its Doctrines
BI 2280  Interpreting Scripture/Hermeneutics  

Ministry Studies


MS 1100  Spiritual Life and Community
MS 1102  Studying and Teaching the Bible
MS 1103  Christian Missions
MU 1113  Christian Worship

General Studies


GSU 1110 College Writing
GSU 1112 Research Writing

Total Credit Hours


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What will my course schedule look like?

All courses taken in FYOP will transfer directly to any Moody Chicago undergraduate program. They can also be transferred to other schools if you choose not to attend Moody following the FYOP. Your course schedule will be:*   

FALL (14 Credit Hours) SPRING (16 Credit Hours)





OT Survey/Reading OT

NT Survey/Reading NT

Christian Missions (optional)

Interpreting Scripture/Hermeneutics

College Writing

Research Writing

Christian Worship

The Church and its Doctrines

Spiritual Life and Community


Studying and Teaching the Bible


* These course options are subject to change with adequate warning. Other options may also be given to students if they are deemed more beneficial.

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What is the format of each course?

Moody's online courses are eight weeks long and are comprised of reading assignments, weekly discussion boards and various tests and assignments. Many courses utilize audio and video to supplement student learning. All students will participate in an orientation program to ensure student success in online courses. Once registered you will access your courses via Blackboard, Moody's Learning Management System. 

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Who will be teaching my courses?

All Moody Online courses are taught by Moody Bible Institute full-time faculty or by approved adjunct faculty. Your professors are experts in their respective fields, as well as having experience in various ministry settings.

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How much time should I expect to spend in the program in a given week?

Time estimates for the various portions of the program are listed below:

Coursework 10-15 hours per course
Mentoring 1-2 hours per week
Internship 10 hours per week (only required in the first semester)

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When do courses begin and how do I register?

The semester will begin in mid-late August. You will receive further communication concerning start dates, as well as tips for successful study after matriculation. As a participant in the FYOP, you will be automatically registered for the courses listed above.

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Where can I find information about books for courses?

You can find required texts on our online courses textbooks list. It is suggested that you order your books for the fall semester as soon as possible so that you will be ready when the semester begins. Please ensure that you order the correct edition of the text as the course syllabus is keyed to the version listed.

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I have transfer credits from Advanced Placement, other colleges or dual credit coursework. What should I do?

If you have credits from courses that you feel may exempt you from any of the courses listed above, you should contact the Academic Records office at (312) 329-4400 or and request a preliminary transfer credit evaluation for the Chicago undergraduate major you would like to pursue. Once credit has been accepted by Academic Records, we will register you in other courses to maintain a full schedule.

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What is the mentoring program?

Upon matriculation you will be assigned a mentor to encourage you, discuss your ministry experiences and courses, and advocate for you during the admissions process. Mentors have been carefully selected and are admissions staff, professors, and upper-class students at Moody Bible Institute.

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What are the internship requirements?

Through the internship, students will formulate and meet field experience, spiritual, character, and ministry formation goals with an experienced supervisor. Ministry experience can include, but not necessarily be limited to, interning at your local church, working with a local parachurch group or taking a missions trip. 

Ministry experience should average out to a minimum of 10 hours per week. The internship is required for one semester (preferably in the fall semester). More details will be available after matriculation.

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Can I talk to someone about becoming an FYOP student?

If you haven't already received a phone call, please call us at (800) 588-8344, and someone will speak with you immediately. You can also request to speak with a former FYOP student directly as several students work in our call center and will be happy to give more context to their personal experience in the program. 

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How do I sign up?

You must complete the matriculation form sent with your admissions letter and a $350 deposit to confirm your matriculation into the FYOP program. The deposit will go towards your tuition and fees. With questions contact us at

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