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Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies

Become equipped to lead a church

When you earn your Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Moody, you’ll have the training you need to lead a church anywhere in the world. In this 30-credit program, our knowledgeable faculty will teach you methods for preaching, leadership, and effective pastoral care. You can get a blend of biblical reflection and practical emphasis that prepares you for a career in church leadership as a church administrator or full-time pastor.

“The Pastoral Studies degree at Moody has thoroughly equipped me to step into a life of ministry, both now and after I graduate! I count it as an absolute joy that God has brought me to this school for the opportunity to prepare me for serving in the church.” – Abel, Moody student.


This combined degree program is accredited by ATS, HLC and ABHE.

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Your Pastoral Studies Experience

As you earn your MA degree, you’ll:

  • Gain the biblical foundation necessary for pastoral ministry
  • Learn to preach relevant, accurate expositional sermons from any genre of Scripture
  • Study the Bible using literary and structural analysis, grammatical observations, and theological exegesis
  • Develop a biblical, theological, and philosophical perspective to deal with life issues
  • Articulate a philosophy of congregational worship and pastoral care

Financial Aid

A Moody seminary education is easier than ever to afford at $519 per credit hour (price subject to change per academic year). Our scholarships and payment plans help you even more by defraying the cost of tuition and spreading out your financial obligations over time. You may also qualify for a Federal Loan.

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