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Gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures as you study the original languages

When you earn your Graduate Certificate in Biblical Languages, you’ll be prepared to understand and translate the Bible in the original languages of the Old and New Testaments. You’ll gain a foundational knowledge of biblical theology, communication skills, and research methods that are critical to effective ministry. Designed for those who have graduated from either a secular or Christian college or university, the course also provides valuable tools for cultivating Christian character and spiritual growth.

Old Testament Languages

Program Plan (Chicago, Plymouth, and Online)

New Testament Languages

Program Plan (Chicago, Plymouth, and Online)

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Program Outcomes

As you study, you’ll learn to:

  • Interpret a biblical text utilizing a variety of methods.
  • Understand the intermediate vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of a biblical language.
  • Use your biblical language skills to extract sound biblical theology from any passage.

Your Core Classes

  • Hermeneutics
  • New Testament Greek I
  • New Testament Greek II
  • Biblical Hebrew I
  • Biblical Hebrew II

OT Emphasis Electives

  • Exegesis in the Hebrew Old Testament
  • Hebrew Syntax and Exegetical Method

NT Emphasis Electives

  • Exegesis in the Greek New Testament
  • Greek Syntax and Exegetical Method

Financial Aid

A Moody seminary education is easier than ever to afford at $519 per credit hour (price subject to change per academic year). Our scholarships and payment plans help you even more by defraying the cost of tuition and spreading out your financial obligations over time. Some students may also be able to receive advanced standing credit and finish the program in fewer semesters. 

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